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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Be Careful When Buying Online

It's the holidays, so I am still online window shopping, or is it window online shopping? Haha!

While browsing through some online shops, I saw some interesting stuff (being sarcastic here, my dears). Here they are:

1. Brand new fake tooth cover

Who, in his right mind, would bay second hand fake tooth/cover-whatever-that-is?

2. Polaroid camera cover

There's really nothing wrong with buying a polaroid camera cover IF the description fits the name of the product.

See the description: HD pixels, accurate recording action, blah blah, for only P599.00.  This description is for the camera, and not for the cover which is the one being sold. If one is not too careful, that person would think that he/she is buying a polaroid camera, and not a cover, at a very cheap price!

3. Diffuser

Diffusers are good. I am just not sure if they really serve the purpose, but a good friend gave me a portable one and I like user it.

I really have no problem with the description of this product, but the answers of the seller to the customer queries bugged me, a lot.

5 inch. Wahahahahaha!

Some people would say, "are arte naman nito," or "ang yabang, akala mo naman ang galing mag-English." But I see a deeper meaning here. If a seller would not take great care in ensuring that the description of the product is exactly what the product is, or would not take time to  properly answer a customer's questions about the product, then that says a lot about the product that one is buying.

Mahirap kumita ng pera, and winning in the lottery is not an everyday occurrence, so that's why we have to be careful where we are putting our money.

True, online shopping is really convenient. I do a lot of my shopping online too, but we have to really know what we are paying for - the product, its quality, and the after-sales service.

So, as the saying goes, buyers beware!

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