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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

"Confuse" Posts (pun intended)

Sometimes, my eye catches a lot of weird stuff.  This morning, while checking out Lazada for some school stuff for my kid, I saw this:

Ganito na pala ang itsura ng sando ngayon. Is that a sando shirt tank? Hmmm...

Here's another:

Helps eyesight? Helps children (tehm) think... I don't think this helped the eyesight of the person who submitted this ad post.

Next one:

Bag Bag. High end atmosphere (sosyal na atmosphere?).


What is a set wind mouth? Am I the only one who has not hear of a "set wind mouth".

The last for today's post:

I get the function of the plastic blocks. I really do. But what I don't get it how it helps a baby's color resolution. Parang monitor lang ano? Hahhaah

And what does "No Burr, Slick Not To Injury"  mean?

There are still tons to be posted. But I'll save that for future posts. For now, share me some of those confusing posts you've seen.

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