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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Hush Puppies Sale!

This week, I lost three pets - two puppies (for Parvovirus) and a cat (unknown cause).

While grieving on our way home last Tuesday, my kid and I saw a huge "SALE" sign at the windows of Hush Puppies shop.  My eyes popped because the discounts were really huge.

Saw a pair that costs P500, and they had my size. Being the kuripot mom that I am, I instantly bought them, never mind how high they are. I will face that problem when I start walking on them. Hahahah!

P500 na lang!!!

I also bought another pair that I can use for walking. Walang kokontra. Mahilig kasi akong maglakad!

P1500 only!

Anong connect ng Hush Puppies sa namatay kong puppies? Wala. Puppies lang. hahah!

Seriously though, I feel  devastated about the loss of my pets. I am hoping that my two remaining puppies will get through and be well soon. No more losses this coming year, I pray.

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