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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A Visit to Dahilayan Forest Park

This is a late post, but I promised that I will share with you one of the best places (favoritest? heheh) places I have ever visited in the Philippines (though my list is long), ladies and gentlement, BUKIDNON!

Dahilayan, here we come!!!
Work allowed me to travel to this place sometime in October last year.I wasn't expecting anything about Bukidnon. We were only told that it's cold, so be prepared. I wasn't told how beautiful it is. Bukidnon is about one and a half to two hours of travel by land from Cagayan de Oro.  The route, albeit full of roadblocks because of road constructions, is full of verdant pine trees, banana and pineapple plantations and tons of greeneries. It's really heaven!

May fog!!!
Before leaving for Manila, we booked at Dahilayan Forest Part. It is located at Barangay Dahilayan, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon.  To get to Dahilayan, from the BuDa Highway (Bukidnon-Davao), one should turn right at the Alae Junction, then pass through Camp Phillips, straight to the Del Monte Pineapple plantation (about 20 minutes of bumpy ride)

Welcome to Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon
That's one of the vehicles that our group was in
- because it rained a little, and the road to Dahilayan
was like a mini-moon.
Here is our room:
P2800 a night, with free breakfast for two persons

That's my bed, just right beside the big window,
and that's the view when I woke up.
My little bed...
Our beds face that huge window.
Our room comes with a rbeathtaking view.

The CR

Sadly, the water is murky brown. That's the state of the toilet bowl when we arrived.
It has not been used. All the toilet bowls in the rooms we booked looked like that because of the water.
According to the staff, they have a problem with the water supply, so the water is brown. 
What's this?Oh, there's a sticker with instructions.
It's a heater!!!
We only discovered it when we were leaving. Haha!
See those four windows at the edge of the building?
 That's our room.
It's so cold in Bukidnon- I think it's even colder there than when I went to Baguio in June.  That's why the rooms have no fans and are not airconditioned. It was THAT cold. And well, there's an electronic fireplace that we didn't use, because, first, nobody told us about it, second, we didn't notice it,  and there, there were warm and fluffy comforters to warm us up so there was no need to turn it on.

Dahilayan Forest Park offers a wide range of activities such as the Luge, the ATV and Buggy Trail Adventure, Barrel Train, a traverse of the Hanging Bridge, Bungee Bounce, Zorb, Trampoline and Forest Putt Golf.

This is the hanging bridge (P100.00)
The place is surrounded by Venezuelan Pine Trees (they offer little pine trees for sale, if you want to bring home one), I've never seen one like this before, ever! Because of the very very limited time ( we only had about 2 hours of free time to try the activities), we weren't able to try any of the activities that Dahilayan Forest Park offered. Oh well, we wanted to try the Zorb, but we were told that the maximum weight limit of each person should be 60 kg. Hmph!!!!!

From our room, one has to walk to that building with the green roof
 - that's where their restaurant is

Indian Pana, kakana-kana!
Playground for the kids

The dining area 
I ordered beef salpicao - buhay pa!! Me didn't like this
Sizzling something.
But while we weren't able to try the activities at the Dahilayan Forest Park, we did get to try the zipline at the adjacent Dahilayan Adventure Park. That's another story, of course.

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