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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Action Station: A Fun Activity for Kids

There are so many play areas now in malls, that parents can leave their kids there and shop, while their kid is busy (and happily) playing.

One such play area is Action Station in Robinson's Ermita. It's near Tom's World, 3rd floor, near the Department Store.

It's a bit pricey though considering that the play area is small, and there's not much to play with. But still, it's very colorful and it looks fun!

Price per head for the use of the play area is as follows:

30 minutes - P120
1 hour - P180
3 hours - P250


1 minute - 30 minutes-  P120
31 minutes - 1 hour - P180/hr
(a fraction of an hour is equivalent to an hour)

Oh, they also have a policy to take the picture of the parent/guardian with the kid so that they'd be sure who to give the kid to one's the time is up. If the staff fails to take the picture, just report it to the given number, and you can get P1000 for it. That's how serious they are about the security of the child.

The guidelines for the use of the play area are also visible outside for the parents/guardians to see.

What I like about this is that parents/guardians can enter free of charge to monitor their kids.

You really have to monitor the time because they automatically charge the time for extension.

If you try this, let me know if your kid had fun too!

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