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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Happy Call Pan: A Review

My sister gave me a Happy Call Pan which she got from Metrodeal. Don't ask me, but I'm guessing that it costs around P1000 or P999.

Since I love cooking, I was so excited to try but I never had the chance. Hubby, now a better cook than I, decided to take matters into his own hands and used the pan. And he loves it!

Double non-stick pan
Both of its sides can be used for non-stick cooking; you just flip the pan for even cooking. No need to flip the fish or the meat itself.  And you don't even need a lot of oil for pan frying!  Less mess, less fats!
The pan also has an extra rubber lining to ensure that the pan wouldn't leak and would be sort of pressurized. Though there is a small opening just between the hinge, where some oil leaks if you're not too fast in flipping the pan.

non-stick pan, with extra rubber lid

There's a magnet on the handle that keeps the lids in place, so there's no danger of the pan opening when you flip it. It's a bit heavy too - pwedeng dangerous weapon.

The only downside is that it doesn't have a manual. I don't know what it's made of, or where it's made. I heard it's a Korean product (but why is the recipe book not in the Korean language?)

Anyway, here's one ulam that Hubby cooked using the Happy Call Pan:

Tuyo!!! (with less than a teaspoon of oil)

Oh, before I forget, the pan comes with a recipe book... in a different language. Malaysian perhaps? Though the recipe names are in English. Geez!  So that's another downside, I guess.

the recipe book that I can't understand

So, according to hubby, the Happy Call Pan is a good pan. It's really non-stick, it cooks faster (though a bit uneven if you don't manually flip the meat, meaning, you only flip the pan), and it can be used as a sort of a griller. It even leaves grill marks on the meat.

Thanks atsi!!!


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