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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Product Review: Yves Rocher Hydra Vegetal 7-day Program

I was fortunate enough to have won a Hydra Vegetal 7-day Trial Pack from Yves Rocher France Philippines.   This was shared by  Ms. Martha, The Beauty Junkee, in one of her posts.  (Thank you Thank you!) The 7-day Trial Pack is formulated for normal to combination skin.  Since my face is oily, I was hesitant to try this but heck, it's for normal to combination skin, so it might work for me. I claimed the Trial Pack at its Southmall branch.

Photo Credit: Yves Rocher Philippines' FB Page
Yves Rocher (pronouned as "eve row-shay") prides itself by focusing on the use of botanical ingredients in its product line. Its newest skin line, the Hydra Vegetal line, boasts of sourcing its ingredients from maple trees and blue agave plants that will intensely moisturize and maintain the radiance of one's skin, whatever skin-type that may be.

First step is to cleanse using the Milk Cleanser.  Pour a small amount on a cotton ball and use as ordinary cleanser for the face and neck.

Milk Cleanser
Second step is to use the Toner.  Using a separate cotton ball, pour a small amount and apply on face and neck. Don't scrimp on the cotton.

Hydrating Toner
Third, apply 24H Gel Cream.  Use your middle finger for less pressure.

24 H Intense Hydrating Gel Cream
Use morning and evening.

What's best about this product is that it's made of natural (botanical) ingredients that are gentle on the skin.    

The result: It instantly refreshes the face. Believe me! I'm not much of a beauty product user, but this one is really awesome.
The only concern I had about using the product is that the Gel Cream has a greasy feeling (but only a bit).  But, it's easily absorbed by the skin which is one of the things I look for in any facial product. I've got very oil skin, you see.

I'm a non conformist so instead of using it for 7 days, I used it for 2 straight weeks.  And there's still a lot of the Trial Pack left.  Will let my sister use it this time.

after 2 weeks
Ok, I know I'm not a model! But hey, I just woke up this morning when I took that picture.  And my skin really cleared and became fairer (except for that irritating zit on my left cheekbone).  Even my sister noticed it after a week of using Yves Rocher.  My sister says that my skin looks glowing! Ahem...

The 7-day trial Pack retails at US$ 7.00 online.  According to the staff at their Southmall branch, this pack is not yet offered for sale, but is given away for every purchase of P800 of any of their products.

Moms, try it! We moms need to stay pretty despite our hectic work schedule and mommy duty.  You won't get disappointed.

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