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Monday, November 12, 2012

A Punta Fuego "Getaway"

I was recently invited to be a speaker to a group of government employees about a legal matter.  The venue? Punta Fuego at Nasugbu, Batangas!

I have not been to Punta Fuego and I was looking forward to the place, erm,  the workshop pala. Hehehehe.

Anyways, I was surprised na parang dulo na ng Pilipinas eh wala pa rin kaming nakikitang Punta Fuego. It's about an hour to an hour and a half's drive from Tagaytay.  In the middle of nowhere, there's a quaint arrow on the left side pointing you to Punta Fuego.

I won't talk about the seminar... I prefer talking about the place. hehehe.

We got lost there for 15 minutes or so, because there were not enough signs to the clubhouse.  Halos lahat ng bahay sa dulo ng mga cove eh akala namin clubhouse dahil sa laki. hahahahah! Puro false alarm.

Map of Punta Fuego

First note: There was lack of signages in the place. If it's your first time, you wouldn't notice the way to the clubhouse since from the entrance, it's immediately to the right but since it's blocked by some plantation, and it's below the level of the road, you would really miss it.

Cleaning time at the infinity pool.  See that white spot
at the upper left portion of the pic? That's where we got lost.
And yep, it's still part of Punta Fuego.
Second note: The receptionists weren't too friendly.

So trabaho muna, we held the seminar in one of the conference rooms there.

Third note: Mainit, the airconditioning is poor, and it's maingay too.  The sound system was okay. As regards free-flowing coffee, pwede na... The water was not refilled as often as one would like it and the dispenser was dripping.

Fourth note:  The food.
We dined at the San Diego Restaurant at the lower level of the Clubhouse. Our sweat poured like buckets when we saw the menu.  ANG MAHAL!

There was no beef tapa at that time, so I didn't order this.

Mas mahal siguro ang Japanese rice kaya mas mahal ng P50.00

One egg is  P80.00! Isang tray na yung eh!

This is not buffet, mind you.

My New York Breakfast

With 2 pcs of danish pastry, plain croissant, bread and jams

The bacon is too oily but I had to eat.

With a serving of fruit
Another note:

While waiting for our food, nagpicture-picture muna kami. And sadly, our coffee was served while we were still outside.  We went back to cold brewed coffee.  The servers did not offer a refill, nor did they offer to replace the cold water.

Ciel of Happy Blue Thoughts who invited me to be the speaker.
Thank you Ciel!
But I like the names of the Kiddie Meals.  Very kiddie.  :)

My verdict: The place is very intimidating.  The housekeeping personnel are nice though and friendly.  But the receptionists were not.  Even the waiters were not.  It's not too friendly a place for ordinary people like me.  Maybe it's just not my world.  I don't intend to go back there unless someone else is paying for it and it's a business trip.  I definitely wouldn't bring my family here.

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