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Sunday, July 15, 2018

Gold Teeth, Anyone?

Have you seen this? It's for sale in one of the most popular online selling platforms.

I am sooo scared!

I shudder at the thought of someone wearing these. I shudder more at the title/description of the item for sale! "Hip-hop Act the role Ofing is Tasted". Wait, is it supposed to be eaten?

What's funnier is that in the lowest portion: Buy 50 and save P8,785.00. Who in his right mind will buy 50 of these?

Freedom of expression? Ok, fine. To each his own (gold teeth).

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Learn Stuff about Ancient Egypt for Kids

Hubby asked me about sarcophagus (plural, sarcophagi)  this morning. Since it had been a long time since I took World History, I tried to google stuff about it and mummies.

Then I chanced upon this online article that I thought would be great for kids. Illustrations were made by Isabel and Imogen Greenberg. Further googling revealed that they are sisters who are illustrators. They've written and illustrated several books on ancient Egypt and ancient Greece and other ancient civilizations. Talk about real talent!

The article talks about what can be found in a pharoah's tomb.


Monday, July 2, 2018


My family and I were blessed to have been able to visit  the City of Seoul in South Korea a couple of months ago.

It was so beautiful! My top three favorites were:

1. Nami Island
2. Everland Theme Park
3. The sea gulls at the Hyundai River Cruise

The Koreans are friendlier too than the nationals of the other country we visited recently. 

Enough of the talk. Here are some pictures...

Nami Island


A rainy day for a theme park visit boohoo
Fluffy Panda
Michael Jordan

Sea gulls at the Hyundai Cruise

I am too lazy to write about the stuff that we visited but I will do that soon, so for now, I hope you enjoyed the pics!